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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

This is exciting.


Terrifying, actually, especially thinking that in 1 year, I'll have either wasted the $108 I paid for premium upgrades (I mean, essentially, I really wanted a cool domain name but the one I wanted was already taking hence the site saying "goal" instead of plan, but it just doesn't have that same ring to it. Sigh. Sadness) OR was the catalyst to me actually doing something new and totally out of character for me.

Regardless, I really feel that this needed to be done. I've been dealing with these feelings of needing to do something different, something new, something fulfilling, and something that actually makes a difference not just to others, but also for myself. I'm not sure where things will go. I may end up in the exact same spot I'm in right now 1 year from now, but I hope that I'll have at least learned some things along the way. Something like video editing skills, or improving my ability to write, or even some coding skills. Maybe even learn a new language. I don't know, it's just...something that I feel like needs to be done.

I mean, in actuality, things are going pretty well for me outside of whatever this feeling is. My job is incredibly stable and pays decent. I live at home, so expenses are low - yet I somehow always manage to overspend due to my side hustles. My side hustles were initially started as a way of getting more income to help with my burnout from work, as I could not handle the 40 hour work week any longer. But looking at things now, I'm hoping that this side hustle (or another side hustle that hopefully comes out of the current one I'm focused on) will lead to me being able to generate revenue even while not at home. Being able to make money remotely would be a huge help in regards to letting me accomplish my main goal - to be living in a foreign country for a year, doing something different than my career. Working as a contractor, teaching English, whatever it may be...I just need something new where I can work, make some money, and experience a new way of life.

It could be that maybe I'm just at a point where I'm comfortable...and usually with comfort comes lack of progress. I feel like I need to grow more. I just don't know in what ways. Spiritually, I know I need growth too, and I'm hoping that through this journey, this will also deepen my relationships with those around me, and my own personal relationship with the Creator as well.

Ah, well, at least I'm starting somewhere.

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