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Here comes a new President

Well, there we have it. A new President has been elected. Now, hopefully this whole extreme you're-either-red-or-blue mentality can finally go away, but who knows. That being said, I'm still hopeful that things will improve over the next 4 years in regards to health care, social issues, and climate change. We'll see if things actually change or not though, especially since I'm a bit jaded by both sides.

On another note, still having he urge to move somewhere and do something new. I've been binging these youtube "Life in Japan" type videos, which at least at this point in time, are satiating my desire to travel and experience a new way of life. One thing I know about myself is that I truly value and enjoy getting to meet/connect/learn about other people. I just find that whole process incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable, but scary at the same time. Being an introvert, I've gotten pretty solid at mastering small talk...but add in a language barrier or societal ignorance, that'll be really challenging. Regardless, the desire is still there, for better or worse.

Another update on that front: haven't really gotten started with any language learning though I do desire to do it. I just need to commit. I'll have to say, I did have a conversation that wasn't as fruitful as I hoped it would be regarding the potentiality of moving oversea's and working there for a year, but I'll still keep praying and seeing what happens. Once again, I know it's not the best career move, financially isn't smart, and general, kinda crazy. However, I still can't shake this feeling that this needs to happen - but I don't want to be rash and still want to be able to prepare myself as best as possible.

There's still so much on my mind, and still so much uncertainty with everything. Job, moving forward with my relationship, church, and in general, the future. All I can do is really...pray, I guess, and hope for the best.

But still, I do hope a crazy, crazy good opportunity occurs at the right time that'll let me do something new in a foreign country with work that is fulfilling and interesting, and still allow my partner to be able to work a job that she enjoys, just remotely. Or, something along those lines, I guess. Argh. Who knows. I just hope that this process makes things worth it in the end.

Now, I gotta sell a bunch of stuff to help fund my future. Fun times. Need more passive income streams too.

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